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Owner Operators

Greatwide Owner Operators enjoy a vast amount of benefits. 24 hour dispatch, 24 hour maintenance service, national tire program, fuel discounts 100% to driver,  Insurance program (Medical, Dental, Vision) and more...

In our NO FORCED DISPATCH program you will be assigned a personal dispatcher that will plan and monitor your loads. We will keep you pre-booked at least 24 hours in advance in order to minimize wait time. You pick the loads we keep you rolling!!!  

Fleet Owners

One truck or one hundred we can handle your fleet. Rest assured that your truck will be making money with Greatwide. We will provide fleet owners with daily or weekly revenue reports for easy accounting. We pay you and you pay your's that easy!! 

Your trucks operate under our authority and insurance. Your drivers will have all the necessary equipment needed to operate with maximum safety. We set um up they knock em down!!!

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**Lease purchase program

** Referral Bonus

** National Tire Programs

** Clean Roadside Inspection                       Bonuses

** Fuel Discounts-100% to the driver           at time of purchase

** Insurance Programs (Medical,                 Life, Disability, Dental, Vision)

The Greatwide Experience

The Greatwide Experience

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