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Truckload – Vans, Flats & Reefer

Greatwide Truckload Management was established as a full service truckload provider. We have many years of combined experience in Flat Beds/Step Decks, Dry Vans and Reefer. Our dispatch teams know which trailer is the most economical for you and for the product you are shipping. Give us the details and we’ll take care of the rest.


Dry Van Truckload Services

Greatwide Truckload Management is a nationwide leader in dry van truckload services in North America, Mexico and Canada. Our dry van agents have the capacity to handle full truckload and LTL shipments.


Flat Bed/Step Decks

Greatwide Truckload Management is not only a nationwide leader in Dry Van services, but our top-of-the line fleet of flatbed and step deck trailers allows us to accommodate your every need.


Reefer Freight

Greatwide Truckload Management is a specialized partner for your refrigerated, temperature-controlled cargo.

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